As we all know, modern football originates from the United Kingdom. After a long term evolution, modern football become the most popular sport among Brazilian people. Many footballers with good reputation and competitive practical skills made great contributions to the development of this sport. Cafú is just one of them leave deep impression to all football lovers. The figure pulling on Brazil football shirt at international matches reminds people the great achievements won by Cafú.


He was born in Itaquaquecetuba, Brazil on Jun. 7, 1970. Having been widely regarded as one of the greatest footballer, Cafú is famous for pace, stamina and range of passing. Having been chosen to play for the Brazil national football team for many times, he won numerous honors, titles and trophies for the Brazil squad. After experienced countless matches and endless practices, he was list into the top 125 greatest living footballers in March 2004. Since then, he became one of footballers who have made great contributions in football.

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